summertime sketchbook

I went to Sweden in August. It wasn’t exactly crowded as the summer season ends mid-August, but it was really, really lovely. And relaxing.

szwecja 2




Waiting for Spring

flower garden


The first day of Spring is also my birthday, so I’m not exactly exited about it. But when I think of  the green leaves, flowers, strawberries, and of what comes next: THE SUMMER, I just can’t wait.

childhood home

ohcomelychlidhood home



























An illustration for Oh Comely magazine. It goes with a great story about a trip to a childhood home after 30 years.

Goodbye 2014



















Goodbye 2014, a New Year 2015 is on its way. May it be even better!



świąteczny slalom-Zwykle Zycie

















An illustration for Zwykłe Życie magazine, about how it is really hard sometimes to make it through Christmas.



sexual addiction

seksoholizm- Charaktery

















illustration for Charaktery psychological magazine



















Moving into a new apartment this week, and these are very special flowers for the occasion. So happy for a new beginning, but really exhausted!